Gregg's Home Theater, Updated October 8, 2001
The Rack: Top to Bottom
Denon Cassette Deck
IR Antenna Rotor Controller
Outlaw Audio ICBM-1
Panasonic RP-91
Technics S 500 Preamp (DD DTS) (not shown)
Sony 400 disc CD Changer
Sony SDP E9 Decoder and AC-3 Demodulator
Pioneer CLD 606 LD Player
Dish Network 6000 Hidef Receiver

The Monitor
Toshiba 65H80 RPTV, ISFed by Michael Chen
Further tweeking by myself using:
        Sencore II Color Analyzer
        Accupel Hi Def Signal Generator
Back lighting with 18" 6500D K Bulb

The Speakers
Paradigm Studio 100s for Mains
Paradigm Studio CC
Paradigm Studio 40s for Surrounds

The Sonotubes
Tube One, Design by Ton Vodhanel
24"x54"l, 8" port x 17 " length
Dual 12 " Shiva Drivers
Tube Two, Design by ThomasW and Pat Sun
30"x56", 10" port x 22 " in length
End Caps in finished pine
Powered by QSC Amp 1200 WPC at 2 Ohms

Future plans
More speakers (7.1)
Outlaw Audio Preamp Model 950

The Family's Main Page
The Sonotube Page
My Star Wars LD Frames
The family kicking back!
Heather Sarah Matthew and Bailey
Popcorn machine added to the opposite wall
4390 watts of amp power by QSC Audio, BFD Pro, Furman Power Conditioners